Video Projects

The following are two videos I created for COM 407-Introduction to New Media. This class centered around utilizing social media professionally so that we would be comfortable using it in whatever careers we go into. This specific assignment focused on students understanding how to design a video from our phones in as aesthetic and effective a way as possible. The first video is the initial “test” of our ability to cut and edit film, while the second video was completed with more care and attention after receiving feedback and advice from the first submission.

Video One

I found this video to be a lot of fun to construct. I enjoyed finding music and utilizing video clips to construct a preview of my hometown. However, I am unhappy with a few things about it, primarily the poor quality of the application I used to edit it, as well as the fact that I forgot to keep my phone horizontal while taking some of the videos. Luckily I was able to fix these mistakes in the second video.

Featured in my blog post, Wanderlust at Home:

Video Two

This video was taken on a road trip that I took through parts of Indiana. It was a lot of fun to create and I was excited to see how my film creation and editing techniques had improved since the previous assignment.

Featured in my blog post, Proper Prior Planning: