Work with Me

Need a Freelance Writer? Hire me! 

Writing is needed in a variety of ways for business and life in general. If you need a freelance writer who is prompt, reasonable and dedicated to their work, you’re looking at her (well, you’re looking at her website…but close enough!)

I have a lot of experience writing and editing. Below are some examples of ways in which I can work as a freelance writer (and editor.) If you’re unsure whether or not your project falls within one of the categories below, please contact me and we can discuss it.

For the Web

I have worked for a few companies writing copy for websites and can help you write articulate, effective pages for your site with SEO strategizing.  

I am also experienced in writing blogs. Whether you’re trying to draw more attention to your site, product, services, or simply need to produce more posts than you have time to write, let this blogger help you out. 

Creative Writing

I have written short stories, novels, and scripts for clients as well as for myself. I am also willing to work as a ghostwriter as well.

Journalism Work

I have worked as a staff writer and understand the mechanics of writing articles as well as conducting professional interviews. If you need a freelance writer to write articles, news reports, and/or press releases, I have the experience to help.


One of my specialties is editing, as I have an eye for detail and grammatical errors. I have edited copy on websites, ebooks, blogs, articles, and more. Your message matters and it’s important that it is delivered professionally and flows well. 



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